You already spend enough time researching and trading cryptocurrencies, so when it comes to tracking portfolio balances you shouldn’t be spending any more time than you have to.

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio balances across investments and exchanges in real-time is key to making more informed trading decisions and ensuring a well-balanced portfolio. That’s why CoinTracking has a number of resources to help both new investors and seasoned traders track, assess, and manage their portfolios.

Here are few ways to continue checking on your investments, because we already know you do this daily anyways.

Current Balance

The Current Balance Page is the best way to see your portfolio balance in real-time for all investments you own. Here you’ll find your total holdings of each cryptocurrency and your portfolio’s current value in you account FIAT and BTC. There’s even a current average market price feature that can give you more informed snapshot of your holdings.

Daily Balance

The Daily Balance Page adds, calculates, and shows the value for your trades on a specific day you choose — either today or a date in the past. The Daily Balance page shows:

  • Sum of your traded cryptocurrencies to date.
  • The value of your cryptocurrencies.
  • The total value (profit/loss) of your entire portfolio.

Balance by Exchange

To check on your balances grouped by exchange or trade-group, you can use the Balance by Exchange Page. This resource will help you see all your cryptocurrencies, the amount owned, and the value grouped by a specific exchange or trade-group. You can see trade-groups on the Enter Coins page by switching the table view to Extended.

Balance by Currency

The Balance by Currency Page has even more features that can help you get a better look of your portfolio. The Balance by Currency page provides details for all your cryptocurrencies, including transactions, amounts, values, and volume. It also groups your transactions by day, week, month, or year. You can even use a filter on this page to disable transaction types such as “deposits” and “withdrawals” or exclude exchanges and groups.  

Trading Fees

The Trading Fees Page can be a helpful tool to flag specific trades that include a fee. The page also highlights the calculated fee value of the trade, as well as the current fee value.

Double Entry List

The Double Entry List Page is where you can see transactions, deposits, withdrawals and fees according to whether they were a debit or credit at the time of the trade. Using the search filter, you can view individual types of debits and credits, such as fees or sales.

It’s always important to have the most features and tools available when reviewing your transactions and portfolio holdings. These CoinTracking resources will help you more thoroughly monitor and track your trading, letting you spend more time focused on the next trade and less time on reviewing your last.